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100% Functionally Tested Circlips For certain applications, particularly in the automotive and auto component fields, customers avail themselves of our 100% functionally tested circlips.

Our circlips include Internal Circlip, External Circlip, Internal Circlip (Heavy), External Circlip (Heavy), K-Ring for Shaft, K-Ring for Housing Bores, Crescent Ring for Shaft, Retaining Ring for Shaft.

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Since 1969


Rainbow Engg Co
Rainbow Engg Co Rainbow Engg Co
Rainbow Engg Co Rainbow Engg Co
Rainbow Engg Co Rainbow Engg Co
Rainbow Engg Co Rainbow Engg Co
Rainbow Engg Co is pioneer in circlips, external circlip, internal circlip available in light duty and heavy series, retaining ring, e-clip etc.
Rainbow Engg Co
We are the leader in pin technology & produce and supply all types of dowel pins, roll pins, spring dowel sleeves, taper dowel pins.
rainbow disc washer
We carry a variety of washers such as disc washer, belleville washer , fan disc lock washer, star washer, wave washers.
rainbow engineering goods
Beyond best performances, quality is a key element, which makes products immensely requirement. refer our best rings.
rainbow sheet metal components
Other sheet metal components such as bearing pressure spring, p.c. clamp, shim, inner level, hose clamp etc.
About us
AN ISO 9001 - 2000

Rainbow Engineering Co. is manufacturer and exporter of Circlips, Dowel Pins, Roll Pins, E Clips and All types of Washers and all Precision type Components. Machine Spare Parts according to drawing & specification made from Spring Steel (EN 42, EN45, EN 47) and others like Stainless Steel (SS310, SS316, SS320, SS330, Ss420)

We have over the years become one of India's leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Circlips used in Precision Electronic, Automobiles Components, Textiles, Pumps, Motors, Switch Gears and other Sheet Metal Components with upgraded Quality Systems.

Rainbow Engg Co. has come into existence in the year 1969 with a view to cater to the needs of various precision engineering industries.

The range of products manufactured at our manufacturing units include a wide range of Internal Circlips, External Circlips, E-Clips, Hollow Spring Dowel Sleeves, Spiral Dowel Sleeves, Grip type Retaining Rings, Star Washers, Fan Disc Lock Washer, Bearing Washer, Belleville Washer, Disc Washer, Serrated Washer, C-Clips, Shim Washer, Snap Ring, Plain Washer, and high precision press parts as per customer's special requirements.

With Mr. Ramsaran Shah, the proprietor himself a highly qualified and experienced tool and product designer, the company is totally competent to meet any of the technical requirements of its customers.

We firmly believe that your contacting us for any of your requirements will lead to a long and fruitful business relationship, which will be mutually beneficial to both of us.


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Rainbow Engineering Company
Contact Person : Mr. Dharmendra Shah
Address : Fact : J-5 Panchal Udyog Nagar,
Goddeo Road, Bhayander (East)
Dist :Thane, Pin :401 105 (Mumbai), India

Tel : + 91-8237 1999 94 / 8237 1999 96
Mobile : + 91-8237 1999 95
Email : rec@rainbowengg.com

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CirclipsExternal Circlip | Internal Circlip | External Circlip (Heavy) | Internal Circlip (Heavy) | E.Type Circlip | C- Ring | Retaining Ring | Snap Ring
Dowel Pins / Roll Pins Spring Dowel Sleeves (Light) | Spring Dowel Sleeves (Heavy) | Spiral Dowel Pin | Spring Pin (Light Duty)
Washers Disc Washer | Fan Disc Lock Washer | Star Washer | Wave Washer (Bearing Use)
Other Parts Bearing Pressure | Gasket Muffler | O.L.P. Clamp | Inner Lever