Circlip, Dowel pin, Washers
Rainbow Engg Co. Circlip Manufacturer

Our precision component has been supplying various industries. we are specialised in snap rings, u type rings, spiral rings, metric circlips, springs, retaining rings and specialty items.

We are capable to produced large number of retaining rings, ready in stock, ready for immediate shipment. We are also to manufacture sheet metal components and specialty items to meet your specifications & requirements.

Please refer our some very special components below.

ISO 9001 : 2000 Company

External Star washer

Inner Lever (Crompton Greaves)

Eclip- Stainless steel

Internal Circlip
Zinc Plated

Bearing Pressure

Bearing Pressure Spring
(Videocon Washing Machine Parts)

Gasket Muffler
Crompton Greaves

U clip
Hero Honda

Hose Clip

Gasket Muffler
Mild steel Crompton Greaves

Gasket Muffler
Crompton Greaves

Grommet Sleeves


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