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Rainbow Engg Co., the leading India’s manufacturer of circlips and retaining rings offer a complete service to all fastener users - products which are manufactured under perfect quality standards, a technical back up team to advise on applications of our products and our Integrated Quality Control System which ensures that our components consistently meet the safety critical functions to which they are often subjected in service.

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ISO 9001 : 2000 Company


Quality System:

As a part of ISO 9001:2000 activites, we have well defined Quality System.

Quality Control:

Strictest control is maintained at every stage of production to ensure the best possible product that will satisfy our customer's requirements.


Quality Manual:

We also have a quality manual, which demonstrates the quality system followed in the organization. It also specifies the company's quality policy and its objectives, which is clearly communicated and understood within the organization and reviewed periodically.

Quality System Procedure:

We have established Quality system Procedures in line with our Quality Policy. Work instructions, quality records, contract review, document and data control, product identification and traceability, calibration and control of inspection, measuring and test equipment are few features of our Quality System Procedures. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is being used to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Quality Management System Audit:

Process Audit and Internal Audit are carried out as per Audit plans by senior members.

Brief about manufacturing setup : Our setup includes following facilities

1) Design & Development section
2) Mechanical Tool room
3) Inward & Outward Quality Check
4) Mechanical Fabrication
5) Packing & forwarding

Quality Policy

To be a customer oriented manufacturing organization, providing qualitative & cost effective products, which are quality, tested & continuously improved against predefined performance levels to support the business growth of our customers.


1 ) To deliver high quality precession components on high technical level to medium and large companies
2) To become and ever remain reliable and dependable partner for our customers.
3) To design & develop reliable, high quality Components & Instruments.

Customer Relationship

1) We intend to supply quality product at right price.
2) We believe in building long-term relationship with customers who are leaders and innovative in their industries. We are trying to develop these relations by providing excellent & cost effective solutions



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